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It was February 17, 1966, when 30 senior men (55 and older) sat down to dinner at the Midland Valley Country Club in Aiken and met to organize a men's Senior Golf Association. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Robert Banks the temporary chairman. A thorough discussion ensued and a motion was made, seconded, and approve to form an organization of senior golfers. The following state of officers were elected:


President:            John Davis

Vice President:    H. J. Feinen

Sec / Treasurer:   Harvey Hall

Board of Directors:  Robert Banks, Louis Youngblood, Henry Musselman, H. V. Scott,

Robert Taylor, A G. Ropp

A number of objectives were discussed and the dues were set at $10.00. On March 11, 1966, a notice of intent to organize was filed with the Secretary of State, O. Frank Thornton.

The purpose of the Senior Golfers of South Carolina, Inc. was declared to engage in promoting friendly competition and good fellowship in golf among senior players and to hold tournaments and competitions as may be determined by the Tournament committee and in general to advance the best interest of golf among seniors.

The By-Laws adopted then are essentially the same By-Laws as regulate our Association today.  Herb Feinen, Vice President, succeeded John L. Davis as President. most of the earlier membership were form the Aiken area, but has since spread over the entire state of South Carolina. It was reported by the Treasurer, Harry S. Hall, that the bank balance on May 23, 1966, was $338.91.

The first official tournament of the Senior Golfers of South Carolina, Inc., was held at the Midland Valley country Club on May 13, 1966. Thirty-one seniors participated. the winners were: Age 55-59 - Robert Taylor. Age 60-64 - Sol Steinberg. Age 65-69 - Tatum Gressette. Age 70 and over - R. L. Churchill.  Rev. E. T. Severs of Batesburg also played, but was unable to compete because he was not yet 55 years of age.

Today we average about 112 players for each tournament. We are indebted to these gentleman of the 60's for preserving and developing an association that is enjoyed by us today. We currently have over 400 members, including 35 Emeritus members who have been members for 20 years or longer.

It is hoped that the tradition of association and fellowship in golf will continue to prosper and grow in the Senior Golfers of South Carolina, Inc.

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