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Our membership is by invitation only. Each applicant must have 1  endorsement from current SGSC members. Any of our members can assist you in our membership process at the first of every year to insure a full first season.

Please utilize the CONTACT US for more information.

2024 Membership Directory - The Membership directory has been changed for the 2024 season. The file is now is Excel Spreadsheet format and contains multiple TABS that wlll allow you to look at our membership in the following ways

1. Master Sheet - sorted by last name. The sheet has column headings with a small down arrow. Clicking on the arrow pops up a window that will allow you to sort the info

2. Member Status - Lists Active and Emiritus Status 

3. Seniority - Provides the number years a member

4. Member City - Members sorted by the registered city in SGSC

5. Member by year born - Chart showing distribution of year member born

6. Member Club - Sorted by registered Club and totals for each club

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