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Senior Golfers of SC, an organization dedicated to providing a great golfing experience for seniors. We conduct tournaments throughout the year that are sure to challenge and entertain. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you'll be sure to have a memorable time!

Senior Golfers Of South Carolina

Need to Know

ENTRIES: Approximately four weeks prior to a tournament you will receive an email from Golf Genius asking if you wish to play in an upcoming event.  Click on the “playing” button if you choose to play or “Not Playing”  Assuming you asked to participate, approximately two weeks later you will receive another e mail from Golf Genius requesting payment of the tournament entry fee.  At this point, you can pay on line via credit Card through Golf Genius or mail a check to SGSC, 109 Muirfield Dr., Spartanburg, SC 29306.  Your entry must be received by the cutoff date listed in the e mail.  If there is an over subscription for the tournament, all entries received by the cutoff date will be put in a hat and drawn via lottery to determine who plays.  If you do not get drawn to play in the tournament and request to be placed on a waiting list, you will receive priority for the next one-day tournament you decide to enter. If you have entered and have not heard from us within one week of the tournament, CALL US! We’ve had a failure and need to correct it ASAP.


If you withdraw from a tournament ten days prior to the tournament, your entry fee will be refunded.  If you withdraw after the ten days, you may forfeit your entry fee. It all depends if the club charges us.  The entry fee for the tournament includes greens fee, cart fee, range balls, prizes, coffee and donuts.  If there are any changes to this you will be informed on the entry form. A pairings sheet will be sent to you about ten days prior to the tournament. We always let you know if you were drawn or not drawn for the tournament. If you are running close to the entry deadline, always call and we can work it out. It’s hard to do after the fact.


Our events are normally individual net tournaments.  Players are divided by Division - Regular (age 55-64), Super Senior (age 65-74) and Royal Senior (age 75+).  Within each division, players are paired by flight with similar handicaps.  We pay gross and net gift certificates to be used in the pro shop of the event club.  We also conduct a 4-man Scramble, two man Texas Scramble and two man best ball event throughout the year.  Our season culminates in October with a two-day individual event normally held in the Myrtle Beach area. The year end event includes our annual meeting, two days of golf and a banquet and cocktail party for you and a significant other.


Our correspondence is normally through G Mail. You can also stay in touch through our website,, as we always announce an email broadcast.


HANDICAPS:  If you are a registered USGA GHIN member, your home club golf index will be on file if you apply for the tournament. This index is then converted to your proper handicap based on the course and tees to be played for the tournament.


QUESTIONS:  If you have any questions please e-mail me, Doug Bedard at or call 864-310-1369


Doug Bedard, Executive Secretary/Tournament Director



                         Senior Golfers RULES OF PLAY  to Know


  1. Play preferred lies in your own fairway.

  2. We have adopted the USGA local rule for Lost Ball & Out of Bounds—Ball dropped in fairway not nearer hole with 2 stroke penalty

  3. Ball in Penalty Area – two options: 1) drop at point of entry into water, play over area, one stroke penalty; or, 2) carry ball to the other side of the area, drop, and play with a two-stroke penalty.

  4. We play “gimmie putts”, 23.5 inches, unless otherwise instructed prior to the tournament. Any “gimmie” must be agreed to by your playing partners.

  5. Maximum score on any hole: Gross Double Bogey

  6. Our tournaments are flighted by handicap and age.  Players 55-64 years of age play in the regular senior division.  Those 65-74 are classified as Super Seniors.  Players 75 + are designated Royal Seniors.  Players are flighted within their division by handicap. Two tee choices are available per flight.  One tee per flight is designated as the event tee.  To be eligible to win a gross prize in any flight, a player must choose to play from the designated tee in that division. Net prize winners are not affected by tee choice. Those choosing to play another tee within their division will have a handicap adjustment.

  7. Each player will be provided an individual scorecard. After completing play, total your gross score, subtract your handicap, enter your net score, verify and attest your companion’s score, and turn in your card immediately. We will also record scores on line via the Golf Genius app.  One player in each group will have the responsibility of keeping individual scores on the on-line cell phone app.

  8. Prizes are awarded, within divisions to low gross and several low net winners per flight, as well as closest to par 3 pins.

  9. In case of ties, we will usually have a “card off”, on a net basis, to determine winners.





 SGSC has a set procedure to break ties in our tournaments. There are 2 scenarios, one for Gross and one for Net.


The gross tie breaker is to take the back nine total scores to break the tie(s). If there still is a tie, we take the last 6 holes score (holes Num 13-18). If there is still a tie, we go to the last 3 holes score (Holes Num 16-18). If there is still a tie, we go to the front 9 and go through the same procedure.  If by chance, there is still a tie, we split the prize.


 The tie breaker procedure for Net is the same except we use the player’s handicap. If his handicap is an odd number, we round the back nine handicap up. If an 11 handicap, he would get 6 shots on the back to break the tie. To get his handicap for the last 6, you would take is handicap (6) and multiply by 2/3, rounding up. The 11 would be 4 (11 / 2 =5.5 (6) and 2/3 of 6 is 4. A 9 would be 4 (9 / 2= 4.5 (5) and 2/3 of 5 is 3.35 or 3. It’s the same procedure for the last 3. It’s one third of half of the player’s handicap. For example, a 12 handicap would be 1/3 of 6 or 2. Again, if a breaker hasn’t been reached on the back nine, we duplicate the procedure on the front nine. EXCEPT, we don’t round up the odd handicap. We’ve already done this on the back, we simply round down. The 11 handicap gets 5 shots on the back nine, 3 on the last 6 holes and 2 on the last 3 holes.

Primary contact for questions is the Executive Secretary 

- Doug Bedard -

(Other option is to utilize the CONTACT US button in the lower right corner of the screen. All correspondence is reviewed by the executive secretary.) 

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